Garret Yaridovich Hoplitus Shakespear


Logic, Common Lore (+20, Cerebral Implants) (Adeptus Mechanicus, Tech, Screaming Vortex, Imperium), Dodge, Tech Use +20, Forbidden Lore (+20, Cerebral Implants) (Archeotech), Scholastic Lore (+20, Cerebral Implants) (Astromancy), Trade (Armourer), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Operate (Surface)

Talents and Traits:
Traits: Mechanicus Implants, The Quick and the Dead
Talents: Die Hard, Technical Knock, Weapon Training (Las, Primary, Shock, Plasma), Mechadendrite Training (Utility), Total Recall, Weapon-Tech, Lesser Servo-skull of Chaos, Enemy (Adeptus Mechanicus), Binary Chatter, Infused Knowledge, Master-Enginseer, Prosanguine
Good-Craftsmanship Plasma Gun, Good Craftsmanship Greataxe, Dragonscale Armour (w/ integrated Power Assistance, Helmet Augmentation), Refractor Field, unholy unguents, combi-tool, dataslate
Utility Mechadendrite, Luminen Capacitors, Good Cerebral Implants, Good Mind Impulse Unit, Autosanguine

Maximum Carry Weight: 45kg.
Current Encumbrance: 17kg.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf Cor Wounds Exp
21 50 *40 30 40 +2 65 45 40 25 48 5 14 400

*Increased from Dragonscale Armour by 10

Advancements taken

Khorne Nurgle Unaligned Tzeentch Slaanesh
1 0 5 1 0

Archetype: Heretek
Pride: Craftsmanship
Disgrace: Hubris
Motivation: Perfection


Pride: Craftsmanship
Despite his failings, Garret’s reputation as an artisan was well-earned; trained in the forges of Mars itself, his genius was matched only by a perverse need to match the legendary discoveries of Magos Arkhan Land. Pursuing rumours of a long-lost data-ark, Garret’s obsession led him to the very edges of the Halo Stars, where he uncovered far more than he had anticipated…

Disgrace: Hubris
Garret returned to the Imperium several decades later, his skull studded with unusual crystalline augmetics. Further convinced of his intelligence and now possessed of an intense desire to prove it to anyone and everyone, he traveled to a forge-world at risk of being overwhelmed by Orks, insisting that he could revive the colossal planetary cannons that had slumbered beneath the planet’s surface for millenia. Unfortunately his experiment failed drastically, and not only destroyed the planet’s defensive networks, but caused the entire Explorator fleet that had been defending the world to be destroyed as well. Initially condemned to the ultimate degradation of servitorisation, he fled to the absolute outskirts of the Imperium. Yet even in the Vortex, he is pursued by Skitarii who wish to bring him to task for his transgressions.

Motivation: Perfection
Garret refuses to accept the potential of failing once more, holding himself to a manic standard of perfection. Whether commanding others in battle, designing new weapons, or engaging in diplomatic negotiations with someone who has something he wants, he will refuse to back down unless all fits his standard.

Garret Yaridovich Hoplitus Shakespear

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